rebels-logoAbout Central Oregon Disc Golf Club

Central Oregon has a rich history of disc golf stemming back over 10 years ago. The earliest known course was a hand-made course made from tire-baskets located on private property. People would come together and play this course simply as a recreational hobby. This later grew into the first organized club known as the Hyzer Desert Rebels. The first improved course with permanent baskets that was established was Hyzer Pines in Sisters in 2006. Since that time the sport has grown rapidly in the area and today there are over a dozen improved and rustic courses all over the Central Oregon area. League play is currently held in the winter and summer months and multiple tournaments are held throughout the year including: Ice Bowl, Disc Go Ball, Pine Jam, and more.

RedmondDryCanyonPlaying Disc Golf in Central Oregon

For those visiting Central Oregon or playing tournaments here: the conditions in Central Oregon are very dry. In the summer months conditions are hot, dusty and arid. In the winter months conditions are cold, with some snow and ice. The spring and fall months usually have mild temperatures during the day but get very cold at night. Yearly rainfall in Central Oregon is minimal. It can be windy on many of the courses, which can be a factor in your game. Players coming to the area are encouraged to bring a wide variety of discs in their bags to accommodate the diversity of terrain and weather conditions while playing in Central Oregon.

The courses in Central Oregon vary considerably. Foliage consists of everything from thick Pine Forests to high desert sand with sage brush and juniper trees. Courses generally do not have grass on fairways or greens. Lava rocks are prevalent on most courses. Skip shots and ground roller shots are difficult. Never the less the courses are immensely fun and challenging providing even the most experienced players a great experience.

discover-picAbout Central Oregon

Central Oregon is an amazing place to live and to visit. The largest city in Central Oregon is Bend which is described by VisitBend.com as, “A warm inviting mountain getaway with a cosmopolitan appeal is what you’ll find when you arrive in the friendly town of Bend, Oregon. Majestic snow-capped peaks permeate the high-desert skyline making for some of the best weather in Oregon—think sun-drenched days and cool nights—along with endless options for plenty of play time. Golfing, fishing, hiking, biking, rafting, skiing, and snowboarding are just a few of the outdoor adventures you can tackle in a weekend or a week.”

Known as an outdoor lover’s paradise this area is famous for the laid-back lifestyle, great beer, good shopping, a vibrant nightlife, and much more. Disc golf in Central Oregon is continuing to get noticed on a regional scale with amateurs and pros alike calling Bend their home. Most notably PDGA Championship caliber players Nate Doss and Valarie Jenkins call Bend their home-base.