Announcement Concerning USFS Removal of Renegade Courses West of Bend

November 21, 2013 – Official announcement from the Central Oregon Disc Golf Club:
We have recently been contacted by the US Forest Service that as of December 1, 2013 they will be removing the ‘Lost’, ‘Found’, and ‘Forgotten’ disc golf courses west of Bend. They have had a master plan for this land that has been in the works for a considerable amount of time that includes building a Welcome Center as well as a recreation trail. You can find links on the planned usage here: .

Though our organization is disappointed at the loss of 3 courses that have been enjoyed by disc golfers for years, we would like to express our support of the Forest Service’s decision. We are currently in talks with them on how we can go about getting land that is officially approved and sanctioned by the USFS for a legitimate, permanent course. They have been extremely helpful in providing us with all of the information needed for this to happen and we are taking steps to make this a reality in the future. They have given us several options for land that would work extremely well for a permanent course and we’re looking into all possible options. We do not currently have a specific spot yet approved, nor do we have a precise timeline for when a course might go in. We will do our best to keep interested people notified as things materialize going forward.

The Forest Service has informed us that we can have all of the posts and cans currently from these courses. We are grateful for this offer and plan to utilize those materials to help improve the ‘Antler’ course East of Redmond as well as some other potential uses in the future to be determined.

As a final send-off we have decided to hold the final Bag Tag Day before the finals at the Lost course on Saturday, November 30th. After the round concludes we will be pulling the posts and cans from the courses and hauling them away.

We understand that this announcement/action from the Forest Service will be unpopular with many people, but we would ask that it be respected and supported. This will help to ensure that a strong relationship with the Forest Service can be maintained and will go extremely far as we look to the future. The ultimate goal is to work with them in establishing a permanent approved course (and possibly courses) on Forest Service land in the future. We ask that people DO NOT try and rebuild these courses once removed.

Once again, we will do our best to keep everyone posted as talks and work continues with the Forest Service for the future.

The Central Oregon Disc Golf Club Leadership