2018 Bag Tags

The 2018 Bag Tag Schedule can be found on our Events Calendar.


Finale details to be announced before June 15th.


  1. Have Fun! It’s only a Bag Tag.
  2. Everyone is on his/her honor to conduct themselves according to the rules and within the spirit of competition.
  3. Keep your Tag visible. If it’s not visible, let others know you have a Tag.


  1. A Bag Tag is included with the purchase of a club membership.
  2. $5 from every membership sold goes toward the Bag Tag Finale.


  • Complete Bag Tag Series Rules listed here.
  • Schedule – Weekly until the finale. Times subject to change based on daylight:
    • Tuesday – 5:25pm at Pine Nursery in Bend
    • Friday – 5:25pm at Dry Canyon in Redmond
    • Sunday – 12:55pm at Hyzer Pines in Sisters
  • All weekly league nights will be Bag Tag Dumps.
  • Groups will alternate weekly between ranked and random. (See weekly event details)
  • Start times on Tuesday and Friday evenings will move later as the days grow longer.


  1. Anyone can play for tags at any time, with any other tag holder; the following rules govern Challenges.
  2. A player with a higher tag within ten (10) tag numbers of a lower bag tag can issue a challenge.
  3. A player with a lower bag tag can challenge anyone with a higher bag tag. (If you think you deserve your tag, you’ll challenge anyone when it makes sense)
  4. When a Challenge is made, the lower Tag holder (incumbent) will provide two (2) reasonable times and places in the next two (2) weeks to fulfill the Challenge.
  5. Attending a weekly tag league fulfills a Challenge.
  6. The format of the Challenge will be verbally agreed upon before each round. If the challenger wins the round, the tags are exchanged.
  7. TIES – Ties are won by the holder of the lowest Bag Tag at the start of the challenge.
  8. CODGC EVENTS – Players are expected to play for Tags amongst their card unless otherwise noted by the TD. See full Bag Tag Series Rules for expectations.
  9. EARLY DEPARTURES – If a player leaves while a Challenge is being played, they forfeit their tag to the others competing and are given the highest tag in contention.
  10. INCOMPLETE ROUND – If play is stopped before the round is complete, no Bag Tags are exchanged unless agreed upon. This could be due to hazardous weather, physical emergency or mutual agreement.

QUESTIONS? Contact Mike Beshore on Facebook, or through centraloregondiscgolf@gmail.com.