Central Oregon Disc Golf / Rebels Public Meeting

rebels-logoCalling all Central Oregon Disc Golfers!

This is a call to arms for all the Central Oregon REBELS! There has been a lot of talk recently of wanting to bring back, better than ever, more organized than ever, more awesome than ever, the REBELS of Central Oregon Disc Golf! After much casual conversation, a small group of people casually met to discuss what could be done to help make this happen. We are proposing a public meeting at 7:00pm, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14th in Room #118 at COCC’s Cascade Hall in order to get the ball rolling and answer the main question- What do YOU want out of a club? What would YOU like to see take place? Let’s get the conversation started!! This meeting is open to everyone: both current and former Central Oregon Disc Golf Club members and those interested in moving disc golf forward in Central Oregon.

In order to help facilitate this process and meeting, we’re proposing several roles that, once filled, would help make many of our disc golf dreams a reality! This is simply a first draft of ideas and is certainly up for discussion as a group. This is being proposed as an attempt to get the collective creative juices flowing and allow people who have wanted to get involved, but didn’t know how, the opportunity to do so. Please take some time between now and the meeting and see if you think you would be a good match and would like to get involved in any of these roles!

  • Treasurer: Someone fiscally responsible to manage and track the comings and goings of all club funds. A high degree of responsibility, experience with money, and transparency is desired.
  • Secretary: A person to help document all meeting notes and make sure that information is disseminated to the club via a variety of avenues.
  • Social Media Coordinator: Someone tech/social media savvy to help maintain the club Facebook group and any other outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. The world would be your Social Media Oyster!
  • Course Coordinators: The idea is for each course to have one person that would help oversee course maintenance needs, work parties etc. This person would also be the go-to resource for anyone wanting to hold an event at that course in regards to needed permits etc and would maintain a positive and fruitful relationship with course land owners/overseers.
  • Membership Coordinator: Someone highly organized to maintain all member records, collect member dues, and help coordinate member benefits/perks.
  • Events Coordinator/Team: This person would oversee and empower a team of people to run events such as sanctioned leagues, weekly doubles, bag tag nights, sanctioned events and other non-sanctioned events such as the Discraft Ace Race, Vibram Birdie Bash, etc. They would also maintain a master club calendar/schedule of events.
  • Fundraising Coordinator: This person will work closely with the Events team to help raise funds for various events and also for any other club needs such as course development, etc. Will also need to be fiscally responsible and work closely with the Treasurer to have an accounting of all community donations.

As mentioned before, the above roles are not black and white, simply a brainstorm of ideas of what are some potential needs as a club and as a way to start facilitating forward movement. Each role is certainly up for discussion and, of course, the details of each position would have to be worked out. This is simply an effort to start with the big picture and go from there.

The goal of all of this is to help continue to grow disc golf in Central Oregon. The hope is to move forward in a POSITIVE manner with a shared common love of this sport. We have such an amazing group of people here in Central Oregon and it’s time we start making things happen as a unified group and bring the Rebels back as an Oregon Disc Golf powerhouse! Go REBELS!

See you all next WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14th at 7:00 in Room #118 at COCC’s CASCADE HALL!

May Birdies Fly,
Carey Dod
Eric Henderson
Matt Hubbell
Jeremiah Johnson
Ryan Lane
Jeff Myers
Sally West