contact-us-picHave a question or comment for us? Interested in joining a League or Tournament? Feedback on the website? Interested in Membership? Something else? Our current leadership team can be contacted with inquries:

Our Board of Directors for 2016 are as follows:
President: Mike Beshore
Vice-President: Chuck Norton
Treasurer: Carey Dod
Secretary: Sally West
Board Members: Matthew Hubbell, Caleb Henson, Greg Boon

Our leadership team also consults with multiple people from the local disc golf community including:
Ryan Lane, Micheal Ruzicka, Justin Ringer, Jeff Myers, Stevie Walker, Michael Phanco, Jim Tobish, Eric Henderson, Dylan Sigstedt, Steve Corfield, and many more.

Course Coordinators:
Hyzer Pines Sisters: Steve Corfield
Pine Nursery Bend: Mike Beshore
Dry Canyon Redmond: Justin Ringer
Coyotes Den Crooked River Ranch: Jim Tobish
Rimrock Prineville: Michael Phanco
Juniper Hills Madras: Phillip Johnson

To contact us you can email us at: OR please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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