2015 Summer League

Week 9 to be held on August 31st @ Dry Canyon Disc Golf Course in Redmond. Sign in at 5:00pm, play starts at 5:30pm.

Week 8

2015 Payout structure and General Information
Scores are adjusted to a “no handicap” score of 54. In the event course par is over 55 course adjustment of ((course par-54)*.8) will be applied
Players ADD handicap throws to their raw score to receive adjusted score.
Handicaps are based on a sliding percentage that starts at 80.4% and rises to 90% of the difference between the raw score and 54.
Player’s best 4 raw round scores are used to calculate the round average to determine the handicap each week.
Players are ranked each session based on their adjusted scores (i.e. raw scores combined with handicaps).
Adjusted scores are capped at a lower limit of 45 and an upper limit of 89 Scoring caps are used to prevent extremely high handicaps and restrict a players one round and final league standing advantage.
Players use the following TIEBREAK SEQUENCE:
a) Player with lower raw score wins tie
b) Player who has played more rounds in league
c) Player with lower combined adjusted raw score
d) Disc flip
Top 40% of finish positions are paid each week based on adjusted score.
Payout calculations start with the lowest money winner getting the $3 weekly league entry fee back.
Payout follows PDGA Pro payout table guidelines.
Entry fee is $5 each week. $4 first week goes to finals pot.
$3, 60% of the entry fees make up each weekly purse.
$1, 20% is reserved toward final league payout.
$1, 20% goes to the club treasury.
$4 first week for goes to finals pot.
$1 optional ace pot. $500 cap (at $500 all new funds go to build 2nd (3rd etc) pot for after $500 pot is hit).
Any remaining ace pots at end of season will role over to 2015/2016 Winter league. There is a $257 carry over from Winter league 2014/2015
NEW PLAYERS are always welcome, but are not eligible for weekly payout until their second week of competition.
New players establish a handicap based on their first week of play.
The two meter rule is always in effect.

Players must compete in 4 of 9 (44.44%) rounds to qualify for the final. (FOUR adjusted scores.)
The player that competes the most weeks with the lowest combined RAW average score will be awarded a wild card.
If there is an odd # of players registered for the finals, the wild card player will be granted a spot.

50% of the final purse ($.50/player OR 10% weekly entry fees) payout to players based on total of top seven adjusted/ raw scores
Finals Purse payout to players based on total of top six adjusted/raw scores awarded March 14.
Ties will be awarded to the player with the lower raw average score over the duration of league (9 weeks)
50% of the final purse ($.50/player OR 10% weekly entry fees) goes towards finals scramble(see below)

Final league day is scheduled for September 7th, @ 9AM.
Final league day cost is $5/player, $1 (20%) goes to club treasury.
The final scramble purse = ($.50/player OR 10% weekly entry fees) + ($4 per player finals entry)
Finals format will be a doubles style tournament.
Raw average score over the duration of league (9 weeks) will be used to determine partners.
The top seeded player is paired with the bottom, 2nd from top with 2nd from bottom, etc.
Handicaps for finals are based on combined RAW averages of qualifiers.
The first round is singles format. Players combine singles round scores for a total score.
The second round is alternate shot doubles.
The scores are then added together to determine the winner. (1st+1st+2nd = Total Score)
Ties will be played off in a best shot doubles format. Payout follows PDGA Pro payout table guidelines (see next page).

Schedule : Week : Course
6-Jul : 1 : Pine Nursery
13-Jul : 2 : Hyzer Pines
20-Jul : 3 : Canyon
27-Jul : 4 : Pine Nursery
3-Aug : 5 : Hyzer Pines
10-Aug : 6 : Canyon
17-Aug : 7 : Pine Nursery
24-Aug : 8 : Hyzer Pines
31-Aug : 9 : Canyon
7-Sep : FINALS : Hyzer Pines

Start time for all weeks other than finals is at 6pm. Sign in starts @ 5:30pm
Subject to change as year progresses


2015 CODGC Bag Tag League

All CODGC Bag Tag holders, guests, and anyone looking to join!


  • Starting March 1st, league will meet twice weekly.
  • Sundays at 12pm at Hyzer Pines in Sisters or Coyotes Den (Check Disc Golf Central Oregon for updates)
    • Random groups selected with playing cards. Administrators reserve the right to make minor changes in the interest of speed of play.
    • TAG DUMP – Tags will be distributed after all cards are in. Players leaving due to time constraints are responsible to retrieve their tag from league administrators. League administrators will do their best to be available to return tags throughout the week.
    • An optional $1 Ace Pot will be available. This will cumulate until an ace is hit during league at Sisters. If you do not pay into the Ace Pot one day, and you hit an Ace at league that day, you are not eligible for the Ace Pot payout that day.
  • Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Pine Nursery in Bend. (Time will continue to change with daylight)
    • Groups will be established based on incoming Tag number. Lowest 4 tags will make the first card, next 4 tags will make the next card, etc.
    • Tags will be exchanged within the cards.


  • Fun, fun, and fun.
  • And Disc Golf… and fun!
  • This will be a great opportunity for new players to see and play with more experienced players. Also an opportunity for experienced players to compete with a wider group on a continuing basis.


  • No cost!

2015 Summer League Coming Soon…


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